Eyelash/Eyebrow Grow & Care

Can you actually grow your eyelashes? 
Typically, eyelashes grow for only three months before they fall out.
This limit the length that they can grow to. 
In eyelashes, only about 15 per cent are growing each time. 
Generally, we lose about 1-4 eyelashes per day and this is considered normal. 
If you dream about long, healthy and thick lashes, you ought to think about applying special nourishing products such as eyelash serum.

What is an eyelash serum?
Eyelash serum is an enhancer which helps you to grow longer healthy lashes in just several weeks.
The product contains nourishing ingredients and vitamins to encourage natural growth of your lashes.
We recommend you to apply the product on clean lashes before going to bed. 
You will see a significant improvement in several week's time with regular application of this enhancer.
Your lashes will become much longer and more dense.
Eyelashes and eyebrows serums are gradually winning the hearts of more and more women from all around the world.
Within more or less two months of regular use, lashes are expected to gain
the length and thickness much better than that delivered by a mascara. 
They became iconic products and are now an absolute must-have for millions of women and men around the world!

What about eyebrows?
Everybody has a different brow type.
Some eyebrows are bushy, some are thin, while others are a bit sparse.
You can make them look perfect while still keeping that natural appearance.
Start to grow out your eyebrows first before you start grooming them.
If your brows are naturally bushy, they might grow out quicker.
If your eyebrows are sparse and thin, it might take longer.
You should also consider using an eyebrow serum to speed up the growing process.
Eyebrow serums are the best way to get gorgeous natural brows and keep
them strong and healthy.
The serum available from "Hair Grow Kit"  is suitable for both your eyebrows
and eyelashes to grow faster and make them less prone to breakage.
You simply need to apply our serum once a day for a couple of weeks and
you’ll see your brows and lashes completely transform!
Once you have grown out your brows, you should start trimming your brows.
You simply want to get rid of stray hairs and the hairs between your brows.
If your brows are very bushy, you can also trim them slightly.


 Happily Growing & Caring For Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows!😍