Laser Power Grow Comb - hair-grow-kit
Laser Power Grow Comb - hair-grow-kit
Laser Power Grow Comb - hair-grow-kit

Laser Power Grow Comb

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Power grow laser hair comb for hair loss regrowth therapy. 
Spectacular safe laser hair treatment.
Tried and tested in professional clinics around the world.
Significantly stop hair loss.
Suitable for both men and women. Make hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier.
Affordable and easy to use anywhere with laser technology introduced inside a personal device.
Low level laser energy sent into hairs stimulate circulation.
The combined action of 3 beam of lights plus a massage function significantly increase hair strength, hair quality and stop hair loss.
The deepest part of hair follicles are stimulated easily.
High precision laser beam nourishes the roots of the hairs and make the hair follicles thicker and stronger.

Baldness occurs due to DHT attacking the hair follicles and making them shrink.
Based on laser and light energy, our comb promotes the appearance of new hair follicles with new hair growth.

This light photo therapy and its consequent increased capillary blood flow eliminates the DHT and other wastes allowing the hair follicle to expand and revitalize.
It increases capillary circulation in the scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles and actually energizing the cells to produce a bio-stimulating effect.
The use of low-level light and laser therapy using a very specific wavelength of 660-nanometers can actually penetrate into the human skin and produce a special diode that emit light energy that is concentrated into laser beams and introduces 470-nanometers of blue light that oxygenates the scalp.

It also features as a vibrating massage system that further enhances capillary circulation.
Clinically proven in Japan, Finland, Western Europe and the USA.

Item type: laser therapy comb
Input voltage: DC 6V
Red LED wavelength: 660nm +/- 5nm
Blue LED wavelength: 470nm +/- 5nm
Laser wavelength: 650nm +/- 5nm


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